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Finding Elegance in the Incomplete

by Lauren Konopacki 0

Finding Elegance in the Incomplete | Doodlers Anonymous

While browsing the "artvsartist" tag on instagram, Elizabeth Wood's style quickly caught my eye, flaunting bold patterns and colors that pop. As I scrolled through her feed, I took a strong liking to her unfinished pencil drawings in her sketchbook. Although I'm a fan of both the sketches and the finished product, the gritty, raw textures created by a pencil on paper are hard to match. 


pencil, portrait, patterns, geometric, organic

portrait, smoking, pencil, process

leaves, floral, pencil, sketch, coati

illustrated map, drawing, taban, story

tropical, lush, sketches, dog, walking

patterns, sketchbook, practice, full, page, trees, hand

portrait, pencil sketch, doodle


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