There’s never been a better time to learn how to draw than now! While on one hand, as art lovers, we mean that if you’ve been wanting to learn how to draw, the best time to start was yesterday. However, on the other hand, we mean that there have never been more resources, tutorials, and inspiration accessible to you in the world ever before. We are truly living in the information age, so here are the best accounts to follow on TikTok if you’re learning how to draw!

shane burke's tiktok account overview


This is a great account to follow for straight-to-the-point tutorials on drawing pretty much anything you can imagine. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of videos that outline the process of creating simple single-subject drawings, how to properly shade, or how to create realistic illustrations. This is a great place to start if you’re still getting the basics down and want to practice your skills regularly with different subjects.'s tiktok account overview

An awesome resource for both motivation and tutorials! The videos show the process of creating simple illustrations step-by-step and allow you to follow along to create your very own drawing. A lot of the subjects are fun and whimsical, like how to draw seal pups or a frog sitting under a mushroom. 

Tamara Michael's tiktok account overview


This a fun account to follow for all doodle fanatics. Even though it might seem counterintuitive to look for inspiration or tutorials on doodling, there are a ton of fun ideas and activities you can try out on your own, and at the very least, the videos are super relaxing and refreshing to watch!

art by joudy's tiktok account overview


If you’re looking for more detailed or in-depth tutorials, this is the TikTok account for you. From hyper-realistic portraits to the do’s and don’ts of drawing certain facial features, this is a powerhouse of information for every artist. As a fun bonus, she also offers detailed tutorials on her YouTube channel!

createwhitchris' tiktok account overview


A fun account with a recurring “don’t think, just draw” mantra. This is a great account to visit if you ever feel stuck or stagnant in your practice and want to draw something fun that might get you back into the groove of creating. There are also cool videos on how to make greeting cards, tiny paintings, and so much more!
There are also a ton of accounts on TikTok that are great if you’re just looking for inspiration! @m4yxs, @claramorrison, and @sophiemcpike are all worth checking out for your daily dose of art inspo.