Sayali Horambe has been passionate about art and drawing from a very young age. Now fully within her powers as an artist, Horambe is an incredibly skilled practitioner of stippling. Through the use of ink dots and immense patience, Horambe has turned her attention towards astrology with ‘The Zodiac Project.’ She took time in designing this year long project to do research on the accepted traits of the zodiac signs while gathering facts talking to people who actually belong to the signs. With her conceptualization complete, Horambe moved to stippling the essence of each sign “in the form of a beautiful lady.”

Stippled Drawing of an Aries Woman with Ram Horns

The completed works of the project are absolutely breathtaking. It’s almost impossible to imagine the amount of effort that had to go into building each piece through only the use of ink dots. As an Aquarius, I was quick to search for my sign and my jaw immediately dropped. Aquarians are known to be introspective thinkers and here I feel seen by Horambe’s Aquarian woman. The beautiful subject has tree branches growing through her long flowing hair. A jug falls out from her ear spilling a stream of water with the cosmos flowing through it while the woman looks at the viewer with eyes that at once draw you in and push you away. The beauty of the mysterious thinker whose head is always somewhere in the stars. 

Stippled Drawing of an Aquarius Woman

Without knowing much more other than my own sign, I wanted to highlight another piece  on the grounds of just how cool it is. For that, I turn to Virgo. Here, Horambe has stippled a woman with a long look in her eyes while a disembodied hand tugs at the hair on the top of her head. Another hand comes out from the hair falling around her shoulders with a key at the tip of its fingers. The lock is no where to be seen. What does it open? No way to know. This puzzle of a woman is reflected by the jigsaw puzzle pieces that make up the subject’s skin. It’s enticing, drawing you into the mystery of this woman whose mouth is the head of a flower. It makes you want to know Virgo. Even more, it makes you want to know Sayali Horambe.

Stippled Drawing of a Taurus Woman with a Bull

Stippled Drawing of a Scorpio Woman with a Crown and Scorpion Necklace

Stippled Drawing of a Virgo Woman Made of Puzzle Pieces and a Flower Over Her Mouth