Sam Cox a.k.a. “The Doodle Man” is originally from England, but lives in an alternate universe that is consumed by his doodles from the clothing he wears, to the places he goes, and the objects that surround him. Doodling is in fact his main focus, but his creative nature has also led him to experiment with animation, video and performance art. His work can be compared to a virus because he doodles clusters of characters, objects, and patterns in a way that appears to continue and grow relentlessly. He exaggerates familiar characters throughout his work, thus making his exaggerated outward appearance a perfect match for his mission. The Doodle Man feels that alot of art in our world lacks a sense of humor, and aims to make people laugh and encourage their general weirdness. I absolutely love how carefree and commited The Doodle Man to his plan to take over the planet with his doodles and I’m totally on board with that mission!