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Letter by Letter

by OKAT 4

Letter by Letter | Doodlers Anonymous

Drawn words are (by far) what fill the pages of my sketchbook more than any thing else. I love the lines, curves and detail that go into making each letter form. It's something that I will always lean on, especially on the days where I have a creative block with what subject matter to draw. So to get the momentum going I just pick a letter from the alphabet and bring it to life.

Mary Kate McDevitt does this with phenomenal skill. She's a full time illustrator whose done work for some big time clients, and now has a daily project where she draws one single letter from the alphabet. You'll do yourself a favor to check her site often for inspiration. Below are letters Y, Q, C, G, and U drawn by Miss McDevitt.


  1. Drool. I love type like this. Lovely! Typography...*swoon*

  2. Awesome! Just bookmarked this to show my Graphic Design students.

  3. I love letters.... this is awesome.

  4. Nice work, hand drawn typography is something or a rarity with all the technology about.

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