About three weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a little zine in the mail, filled to the brim with doodles by Vaughn Fender. He put the booklet together and dedicated it to everyone who follows his work (I’m so glad we do). It’s a bit over 30 pages long and gets the mood going with a genuine and sincere forward by Chris Piascik. He only made 30 of these beauties and they seem to be all spoken for, except one. He made sure to save the last copy for a lucky DA reader. The first person to guess the calendar date that I received the zine in the mail, wins! (DA twitter followers have the advantage) good luck. UPDATE: We have a winner! Read comments for details.

Oh and Vaughn, I hope you don’t mind but my daughter went at your zine with an arsenal of markers and crayons. The following pictures are courtesy of her colored attack.