Inspiration: Art

Life Is Really Funny Sometimes

by Lisa Currie 12

You know the kind of 'in' jokes you have with your best mates... the kind that never loose their charm, and are always a sure-fire path to hysterics and a tummy stitch?

That's how I feel when I browse through [SIRIN.THADA]'s witty doodles! I get all giggly at her silly visual puns! It's a goofy humor that her and I share!

If you'd like to be 'in' on the joke, take a peek for yourself!

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Lisa Currie

We all enjoy a bit of a doodle! That's why we're here. Or maybe you got lost and were searching for a whole other kind of doodle... uh oh. Anyway, hello! My name's Lisa. I'm author of The Scribble Diary, a doodling book to inspire self-reflection. Also my new book is ME, YOU, US to fill out with your friends! Come find me on instagram @scribblediary


  1. OPPY! Now that's a worthy post and return to DA.

  2. Ha! Love these doodles! Especially the banana man with a plan...choice

  3. these are inspiring... x

  4. LOL. Nothin' has a plan-a, like a big ripe banana. And now I need a yarn version of a slice of pepperoni. Funny stuff.

  5. so love the game face! all very punny and cute and totally inspiring. i am also digging the double and tripple outlines + other unique pen lines. what a find!

  6. your style is so distinctive and inspiring (: first time seeing something like this, love it !

  7. so cute my fav

  8. drawing that just create a great mood... a little lost for words, but thinking of...pleasantly entertaining !

  9. i really enjoyed looking at these pics. your art side has a funny literary side too. me likeyy :)

  10. really really great stuff.

  11. i really enjoyed this. i want to see more.

  12. These are really beautiful :D

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