When it comes to riding the subway in NYC, it’s not unusual to see some pretty bizarre things on the daily. Some might call them monsters, but true New Yorkers know that these fun-loving creatures are simply misunderstood. Check out these hilarious iPad drawings by subwaydoodle that seamlessly combine his monstrous doodles with the daily commute. The fun doesn’t stop there — subwaydoodle also doodles on other locations throughout the city, transforming typical scenery into monster-infested cityscapes that never cease to amaze! I’m extremely impressed with the way he uses highlights and shadows to make the figures match perfectly with their surroundings.

Subway Monster Doodles

Doodles from New York City Subway

New York City Subway Drawing

Monster in New York City Subway

Fun NYC Subway Drawing

NYC Doodlebomb

New York City Monster

Subway Drawing

Drawing of NYC Subway Monsters

Monster Siting on NYC Bench