Inspiration: Art

Fantastic Affection

by OKAT 3

Fantastic Affection | Doodlers Anonymous

The beautiful work of something odd, something strange, something awe-inspiring, something curious or simply: something weird.


  1. The most un-ashamed and obvious Mike Perry rip-off. Why promote plagiarists? Promote someone original.

  2. @George: We actually link to Mike Perry quite a bit. Besides being a permanent link on our site's linklog on the right, we've featured his work and books plenty of times in our blog. Trust me, we are big fans of his and I agree with the critique on the work of "something weird", it's definitely inspired by the doodles of Mike Perry and is exactly why I called the entry "Fantastic Affection", it was meant as a subtle point that sometimes imitation is the best form of flattery. I guess maybe that was a bit too subtle :)

  3. For your guidance, I\\\'m drawing this kind of doodles since many years. I started working in the skateboarding industry and I\\\'m also a publisher now, so I don\\\'t have to prove my originality and my creativity to anyone. About my style, I think it is very european, you should learn about the work of Picasso, Matisse and Miró... Best ^^

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