His new girlfriend loves wallpapers. And she told him that her last boyfriend did not even care. He has therefore set up a small workshop in the attic of his house. There he began to print floral wallpapers on his own – he wants to impress her. 

It’s human nature to pay close attention to pictures and skip over text, but it feels incomplete to post these drawings without the description the artist writes for them. The endearingly quirky individuals are drawn by IVK Daily, an artist from Berlin who cares deeply about people’s private peculiarities. The rich inner life implied in these portraits makes me wonder if they are fictional characters with dreamt up oddities or examples pulled from real people the artist knows.

The black and white pictures are charismatic enough on their own to keep me captivated with the meticulous details in backgrounds and textures. I would still be asking myself burning questions about what their story could be, so it was a real treat for me to find that the artist includes a little teaser text about the subjects of their doodles. Just a little bit of info, but not too much—so I can still enjoy the strangeness and charm of these personal snapshots. I very VERY strongly suggest visiting ivkdaily’s blog and reading along, because the caption is half the story.


The seller of the lamps shop is happy when the business is closed on sundays. Then she uses the daylight bulbs and lamps privately to get enough light to stay healthy.


Weekend. She wants to go dancing tonight. But he has not called her yet. Should she call him first? Should she wait? Or should she just call her best friend to go out and have a great time with her friends instead?



She is happy in her job at the museum, but today, she would prefer to be outside at the streets to support her friends fighting against racism and for justice and peace.
Happy Martin Luther King Day!




Tax return. They also check personal expenses. Maybe they should have not bought the wallpaper they had found in an antique shop. It’s a real wallpaper by William Morris. They put it in the kitchen. After a few months it is already yellowed and very fragile. Heat, humidity and fat are the reasons. This is only because he has to fry tofu sausages every day! Why can’t he just eat some salad like she and the guinea pigs do?


couple at party

At the weekend these two cuties were invited to many parties. They are a couple since ages and together they’ve been through a lot. Now they are a kind of mascot in their hometown: everybody wants them to show up at their party to catch a bit of their everlasting spirit, hoping that this will bring good luck to their own dating and that their single life will be soon over. Of course on valentines day this was quite a task showing up everywhere and to pose for all these photos. That’s also why they gave me this picture of their busy weekend more than a day too late…