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A Dynamic Doodling Duo: Roxy & Phoebe

by Lauren Konopacki 0

A Dynamic Doodling Duo: Roxy & Phoebe | Doodlers Anonymous

Roxy and Phoebe are two powerhouse business partners/best friends that specialize in creating bold, hand-lettered murals together. *Swoon* I've been following the dynamic duo on instagram for quite some time, and I have always looked up to not only their artwork, but also the fact that they went all in on their dreams and continuously kill it every single day. When they're not painting colorful, type-driven murals, you can find them cracking jokes and interviewing other lettering artists during their podcast, Drunk on Lettering. Whether you need a little inspo for your sketchbook, color palettes, or turning your passion into profit, look no further than Roxy and Phoebe!

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