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Portraits of Nature

by Jaanelle Yee 2

Portraits of Nature | Doodlers Anonymous

There are some painters who specialize in portraits and others who gravitate towards landscapes. And then there's Lindsay Stripling, with paintings that are a hypnotic cocktail of both. Seems like she is both a people person and a nature person, and can't settle on one subject. Her series of women with landscapes for faces is haunting and strangely sentimental. It comes off as a cross between yearbook photos and vacation snapshots, two things that are strongly nostalgic.


  1. The aesthetic emotion or sensation of beauty is our unconscious or conscious admiration for the intelligence of a formal organization. This is what your work remided me of when I read this new ebook that REALLY explains art and beauty, by Claudio Richerme ( is selling it)

  2. Nice!

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