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Sunday Grins! Coffee Cups
of the Future

by Lisa Currie 0

Sunday Grins! Coffee Cupsof the Future | Doodlers Anonymous

It's time for round two of our August Sunday Grins! This week we asked our ten doodlers to imagine what the average coffee cup might look like 1,000 years from now. Will we (or, more likely, our great-great-etc grandchildren) be getting our coffee fix from a drip in our space suit, or will we just pop a caffeine pill?

Maybe we should heed Krysthopher Woods advice (above) and start to be a little more suspicious of those humble liquid-holders!

by Jenni Sparks

by Camz

by Laurence Wauters

by Santiago Uceda

by Alex Chiu

by Mulga the Artist

by Chloe McGregor

by Alyssa Duhe

by María Luque

Lisa Currie

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