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Kelly Lasserre

by Sara Barnes 3

Kelly Lasserre | Doodlers Anonymous

Hey all! I'm excited to be sharing some great illustrators and projects on Doodlers Anonymous this month as a guest blogger. To start things off, I'd like to tell you about the work of Kelly Lasserre!

Kelly and I were both Illustration majors at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) several years ago. It's great to see how her work has grown since then. Much of her work includes text, and Kelly's hand lettering is in harmony with her drawing and painting.

Overall, I find Kelly's illustrations really amusing, but also informative (I now know how to make a Bloody Mary), and reveal some sad-but-true things about life in general.

Check out: Kelly's website and her Tumblr.


  1. Yay! Welcome to DA, Sara :)

  2. Thanks Lisa!! I like what you've been posting!

  3. LOVELY!!!! ^______^

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