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I See People in the Crowd

by Daphne 16

I See People in the Crowd | Doodlers Anonymous

No man's an island. We are made up of the random faces that crowd us on the street, the flirtatious faces that populate our dreams, and the familiar, comforting faces that inhabit our memories. Those faces—the faces of others—make up our life experience. Could you capture them all? Guilherme Kramer of Sao Paulo spent a year doing just that. He covered a wall with the people he sees in the crowd--each painted face seemingly eager to tell his own story. Take some time and hang out with them.


  1. Just tears of joy

  2. geez what a cool style of face drawing. looks great.

  3. This makes for sweet wallpaper

  4. WOW!

  5. amazing work!

  6. this reminds me of Blu's work Muto

  7. Suuuuuuuper!!!

  8. love it!!!

  9. amazing , i love it

  10. that is very dope

  11. This is amazing. I saw something like this at the Kohler Art Gallery in Sheboygan WI. recently. They dedicated an entire gallery to line. Artists came in and worked directly on the walls with doodles and lines and images like Kramer. It is inspiring!

  12. WOW!! i would never be able to do this (anyways im just a kid with a good sense of humor)

  13. Awesomeness overload!

  14. Noice, love it.

  15. Awesome work ! Big wow !

  16. This would be a great public stress relief activity.

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