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Surreal Dreamy Drawings

by Muxxi 15

Surreal Dreamy Drawings | Doodlers Anonymous

From my latest discoveries, the beautiful surreal illustrations made by Katrin Berge are definitely one of my favorites, check the detail in each one of them, how inspiring and evocative they are, the magic that they transmit, every story told one line at a time finishes with a beautiful piece. If you are as amazed as I am you should take a look and fly through this wonderful source of inspiration.


  1. Such a wonderful and dreamy world.

  2. wow, amazing ones :)

  3. the kids remind me of a Dr. Who episode a few years ago...very cool!

  4. I love these...they all mean something...

  5. wow.. especially love the ones on lined page... the lines become part of it,,

  6. SO beautiful!!! Love the economic, but insane use of colour! Love the toning and shading and what a great mix of realism and surrealism. Normally I don't care for vintage very much, but I like it in these pictures...adds to the stories. Fits the dreamy and fairy-tale like atmosphere..."once upon a time...." Well, I guess these drawings get my imagination going. Great work!

  7. I could stare at this everyday :)

  8. i love the contrast between the rainbow colours and the grey of the pencil, well done!

  9. where are the faces......this is so beautiful!!

  10. Very nice work!

  11. they all have a great story!

  12. Best drawings i've seen for some time!

  13. hermosos!

  14. oníricos!

  15. i can feel the excitement and how enjoying she must have felt during the making of those art pieces...every shading, every stroke, every details...aaaahh~ don\'t you guys feel them too? :)

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