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Between Tribes and Villages

by Muxxi 3

Between Tribes and Villages | Doodlers Anonymous

Angela Fox is an artist based in Texas, with a very interesting style. Since I discovered her, she immediately caught my attention and made me think, what could be her inspiration to create such beautiful drawings and collages, what's the story behind her works? So having so many questions in my head I decided to talk a little bit with her and this is what she kindly told me:

For several years now, my work has been influenced by this passage from William T. Vollman’s Whores for Gloria: "For we must all build our worlds around us, bravely or dreamily, as long as we can shelter ourselves from the rain, walling ourselves in gorgeously." Much of my work explores these notions of literal and figurative walls, as a means of protection/self-defense and as a way of establishing ideal communities. Drawings of villages and houses appear as isolated but welcoming utopias and address the idea of collectivity. Collages of figures surface from their cocoon-like, protective shell of layered garments. Tribes of female characters pack their belongings, camp out, and prepare for voyages—focused on fleeing one world so that they may create another.

Brilliant don’t you think? If you wanna see more of her amazing work visit her website.


  1. Really nice style...I'm thinking of featuring her works on my blog. :) Brilliant works!

  2. love the paintings!

  3. Amazing style!

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