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Open Call / Coloring Book Vol. 2

by OKAT 63

Open Call / Coloring Book Vol. 2 | Doodlers Anonymous

Oh wow. It's hard to believe it's been over two years since we printed our first coloring book. I still remember the day we set the pages loose and the kids went wild coloring them in (view the colorific photos). The look on the kids' faces were priceless, as they added so much brightness to the bold lines set by folks like Nate Williams, John Malta, Gemma Correll and 26 other artists.

We're thrilled to announce that we are finally ready to print our second volume. This is an open call for submissions, we want everyone to participate. The page count has yet to be determined, but we definitely expect it to include more artists and pages than our previous run (which you can buy here).

If your submission is selected, it will be featured on Doodlers Anonymous and receive credit on its respective page and in the table of contents. You will of course also get a copy of the coloring book mailed to you.

We are setting an aggressive deadline of January 31st. Your art must be one-color (black), sized at 8.5" x 11" and submitted to [email protected] as a hi-res JPG (300dpi). Now go draw.


  1. Is it one entry per person? Or may we enter as many as we'd like?

  2. Challenge excepted! (I'm not realy that dramatic, I just like when Neil Patric Harris says it :)

  3. I'm on it!!! Excited! xxx

  4. I'm joining here too!!! ;)

  5. perfect task for the weekend.... thanks guys... looking forward to it.

  6. @efrain We'd prefer if the submissions were kept to only one per person, as we expect there will be lots to sift through.

  7. Amazing!

  8. sure will :)

  9. Wooohooo... A newbie to the group. A great start! :)

  10. Yeeeees please!

  11. exciting times....

  12. So lemme get this straight... our pic has gotta " one-color (BLACK)..."??? For a coloring book? Oh hell I'm confused. Have mercy on a DA Rookie, can someone shed some light on this seemingly monotone subject?

  13. So super excited about this!!! Starting it right... NOW !!!

  14. lol @ C.P BAKER- Keep it black and white- white being where we can add our lovely colours!

  15. Is there an age requirement (can children enter)?

  16. Gotcha Katlego, thanks for clarifying, I'll get the creative wheels turning!!!

  17. What about subject matter, is there a certain theme you want? Also, what do you absolutely not want?

  18. LES DO IT

  19. The kid in me might wanna color...will try to restrain myself if I actually get around to this. I did a sheet of christmas tags for my neices to color in once...

  20. Looking forward to taking part in this.

  21. FOR EVERYONE: Alright folks, let me help clarify a few things. Yes, it is a coloring book, but that does not mean we want a 1,000 submissions of flowers and bears. Doodlers Anonymous has always been able to balance itself between the kid world and the adult world by embracing illustrations that are NOT necessarily tailored strictly for children. Have a look at the pages from our first coloring book to get a good idea of what we mean:

  22. Me too! Nice weekend to do it. (flowers and bears... piffle).

  23. Count me in ! :D

  24. Wow! This would be great! Good luck to everyone!

  25. SENT!

  26. brilliant! i am in!

  27. Ok I'm going to do it! When will we see the line up?

  28. ohhh This seems cool!

  29. Brilliant! I am doodling right now!

  30. Done!

  31. Page orientation: does it have to be portrait? (As opposed to landscape orientation) ?

  32. Sent in this weekend!

  33. Done and sent. This is exciting!

  34. Ta-Daaaa! Done! :D

  35. Just submitted my first piece of artwork to the site...many more to come I hope!

  36. Emailing mine right meow!

  37. is the page orientation meant to be landscape or portrait?

  38. Guys please help me out, how big should this picture be in centimeters- I am so confused all by the size of the image I am allowed to submit. How big was the one you submitted? Can I draw it on an A3 page/ is that too small (pulling my hair) HELP!

  39. @katlego Don't despair. 8.5"w x 11"h equates to 21.59cm in width by 27.94cm in height. @madi Portrait.

  40. done and sent :D

  41. anyone at all can submit?

  42. Done! :D

  43. Yay, finished and sent!

  44. How do we submit it when we are finished? Can anyone tell me how we can submit it? to an email?

  45. whoops just found out the email :) thanks guys!

  46. sent with crossed fingers

  47. Sent! Oh, this was fun.

  48. are these supposed to be handdrawn or can they be digitally drawn?

  49. @benjamin: Hand-drawn is definitely preferred on DA.

  50. I enjoyed doing it too.

  51. Please help, I made an oopsie! I emailed yall my submission yesterday from a UPS store bc I don't have a scanner; but I just realized there's no way for yall to know that it came from me. Is there a way I can verify yall got it and that it's from me??

  52. It's almost done and dusted- dead line date

  53. done!

  54. and done

  55. (Cont'd) I emailed yall at that cb2 address explaining the sitch and describing the anonymous drawing yall received from me. Sorry for any inconvenience on my part! Happy doodling :)

  56. done!!! and sent :S hope it makes the cut, and the deadline! hehe

  57. OMG! I enjoyed so much doing that, I can't wait to see the coloring book!!! ^__________^ Lots of hugs!!!

  58. When will we find out who made it? Can't wait to see all the great artwork!

  59. I want to know who made it!!! :)

  60. HELLO, you know when you select all the winners , thank you

  61. I check my email every day to see if I made the cut. The anticipation is killing me. :)

  62. Does anyone know any news on this? =)

  63. Any news on when this will be published?

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