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Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

by Hugo Seijas 10

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture | Doodlers Anonymous

Everyone has, at one point, fallen madly in love with Polaroid pictures: the feeling of clicking the red button, the magic of watching the film slide out, the anticipation of waiting to see what develops, the gritty beauty of imperfection, and the iconic white frame. There really is no digital replacement for how good it feels to snap a Polaroid and the nostalgia that goes along with it.

Help us celebrate by submitting your own Polaroid camera art to editor{at}doodlersanonymous{dot}com (as a jpg) along with your name and link so we can give you proper credit. We'll then add your entry to this post! Join the fun.

The amazing Polaroid doodle above was done by Seth Banks.

Found around the web:

Polaroid Doodle by soartsyithurts

Above by: soartsyithurts

Polaroid Camera Doodle by Katharina

Above by: Katharina

Polaroid Doodle by Jordan Kay

Above by: Jordan Kay

Polaroid Camera Doodle by nicoleyusi

Above by: nicoleyusi

Polaroid Doodle by Question Josh

Above by: Question Josh

Polaroid Doodle by Plastic Bat

Above by: Plastic Bat

Polaroid Doodle by Plastic Bat

Above by our very own: OKAT

Polaroid Doodle by Jenni Sparks

Above by: Jenni Sparks

Polaroid Doodle by ShellyLou

Above by: ShellyLou

Polaroid Doodle by quinquangular

Above by: quinquangular

Polaroid Doodle by The Generalist

Above by: The Generalist

Polaroid Doodle by Michelle Lasalvia (Pirichi)

Above by: Michelle Lasalvia (Pirichi)

Polaroid Doodle by Jeannine Saylor

Above by: Jeannine Saylor

Polaroid Doodle by Cannon Pearson

Above by: Cannon Pearson

Polaroid Doodle by buttercupcaren

Above by: buttercupcaren

Polaroid Doodle by Anita Esfandiari

Above by: Anita Esfandiari

Polaroid Doodle by Angie Taylor

Above by: Angie Taylor

Polaroid Doodle by In Arsenio

Above by: In Arsenio


  1. nice work! love all of the different methods.

  2. The back of our front door was once filled with polaroids. We took a picture of guests and had them write a message with a sharpie on the white frame, then taped it up. Great memories caught on polaroids!

  3. will submit :)

  4. Done!

  5. Polaroids are not only fun to use, but an endless source of doodling fun! This post is full of goodness.

  6. this is SUCHHHHHH a great post, I want a t shirt of them in little square cameos all over the front and back:)

  7. I love this camera, and better yet, I love this entry. So many good doodles on here.

  8. WOW. They're all so pretty. @@. love love love

  9. Very nice art work ;)

  10. cool concepts :)

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