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Making the Grade

by Daphne 8

Making the Grade | Doodlers Anonymous

Israel is inspiring: the history and culture, the sand and sea, the light and grace. Bezalel, the Jerusalem-based Academy of Art & Design, has cultivated a bounty of talented and progressive artists across the disciplines. Because I’m aware of Bezalel’s reputation, I expect a certain caliber of work from its students. But I was, admittedly, sucker punched. Gabriella Barouch’s sketchbook is mature and elegant—the composition, the colors, the delicate patterns. There’s innate talent, and there’s training. Clearly Gabriella was blessed with both. Hard to believe she still has a year left of school.


  1. pretty much inspirational... I should review Gabriela's portfolio on my blog

  2. Beautifully messy.

  3. Beautifully messy.

  4. The woman in the last sketch is very concerned. I hope she is ok.

  5. so beautiful :) The last sketch is my favourite, I love to add french sentences to my sketches, too !

  6. i reallly like this stuff a lot!

  7. simple, clean, inspiring! :D

  8. Am in love with the dandelion sketch.

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