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In The Press | Doodlers Anonymous

Here are some recent findings of Doodlers Anonymous out in the wild…

The winter issue of Anorak Magazine has been published. It features tons of colorful and playful illustrations around the theme of books, and best of all, there's a spread (see above) highlighting some of the wonderful submissions* to the Doodlers Anonymous Balloon Showcase. Go on and get yourself a copy »

Also noteworthy is this sweet review of our website, written and drawn by Emmi Ojala for SUPERSWEET Magazine. So many good quotes in there…

"On the DA website, creativity gets contagious and you’ll be dying to draw before your mouse has said “click” (or if not, be happy for having one addiction less)." -- The Cure To Those Suffering For Art

Thanks to all of you for the love and support. Doodle on…

* Print Correction: In the Anorak Magazine spread there's a submission that was incorrectly credited. The doodled balloon of an Owl Ornament was drawn by Cheryl Smith. Hoot, hoot, sorry for the misprint.


  1. My name isn't even associated with my own balloon, and Addison Eaton's artwork isn't even displayed at all........

  2. *BIG FATTY PRINT CORRECTION* WHAT!!!!!!!!!! why is my name under a balloon i didn't even create! you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself! HARDCORE! JAMES PEZET created that beautiful balloon not me! if i was him I'd be super miffed-off! So what happened?!?! you said my balloon would be published but i guess you just liked my name instead.... I feel ashamed to show my face to my family who thought they had a published doodler as a big ol' bummer. THERE'S NOT EVEN FARTS IN MY SAILS ANYMORE. I can only hope that you learn from this mistake and credit the right people from now on!

  3. ANORAK was going to press the same day we sent the submissions over to them and there was no time for them to double-proof the spread with us here at Doodlers Anonymous. It's obviously very unfortunate and never our intention to mis-credit anyone.

  4. Oh snap..... Farts in my sails.. Haha

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