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Color Here and There

by Jamie Tao 16

Color Here and There | Doodlers Anonymous

If you don't like polar bears or giraffes or just amazing blobs of color, you may want to look away. But that's just ridiculous. Luigi Loquarto is a master of throwing down some amazing color combos and creating beautiful, intricate drawings.


  1. i love these drawings so much! the colors are phenomenal.

  2. sharpies i assume? beautiful!

  3. the polar bear is my favourite. looks like he's saying - sup babe.

  4. the horse is my favorite. very cool! would be interesting to see these as paintings, too.

  5. I thought that first picture was a pinata! It just popped in 3D to my eyes. Awesome work.

  6. very inpiring work. i like the below one, what ever it is

  7. So colorful! Looks like the giraffe is ready to spit out whatever is hanging out in it's cheek.


  9. Could i get these from somewhere???

  10. Hi guys, thanks everybody for the nice comments. Plese keep it up to support my art, if you liked. Feel free to write me at: [email protected] bye!

  11. love ALL his work -- incredibly talented, his paintings and other works are equally stunning

  12. Being a guy who goes into seizures when I stray beyond black and white line doodles, these pieces are wildly inspiring!

  13. im in love with the way he built the animal. the motif and the colors are awesome! good job :)

  14. love it, totally awesome, epic use of color.

  15. luv it !!!! amazing use of color

  16. Groovy work

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