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OPPY = Lisa Currie = Family

by OKAT 9

OPPY = Lisa Currie = Family | Doodlers Anonymous

I am very happy to say that we have a new addition to the Doodlers Anonymous team. It's not often that I can make such an announcement. Hugo and I have been on-board since day one. Shortly after, Jamie Tao was featured on the site and almost immediately joined us as a permanent contributor. Along the way, we've had some amazing and special guest contributors, one of them being the wonderfully talented OPPY.

If you know anything about the one and only Scribble Project, then you are quite familiar with our new family member. She now goes by her real name, Lisa Currie, and we are ecstatic to have her join the team. She is the perfect compliment to DA and is fizzing with content and ideas for all of you to doodle with.

Welcome to the family, Lisa. You can find her on flickr or read her original introduction here on DA (from back in July). And if you still don't get our love for her, then check out the totem pole and train scribble project she recently sank her teeth in. You'll be sure to understand then.


  1. this makes me happy :D

  2. Happy to related. :)

  3. be*

  4. a big thank you to okat, jamie and hugo :)

  5. This will make DA even awesomer than it is already!

  6. All aboard :D

  7. she RULES, talented and great energy. <3

  8. YES! Congrats Lisa. You deserve it. And congrats to the DA team that just got better.

  9. Yay Lisa!

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