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Imaginary Friend

by OKAT 10

Imaginary Friend | Doodlers Anonymous

I recently discovered Aaron Brady's mind in my flickr stream and am in love with the photo play of his doodled characters and our real world. He drops them into the scenes so well that you forget you are looking at something 2D and that interaction is exactly what makes me wish they would just come to life.

The madness doesn't just stop there. He's got an entire collection of scribbles on book pages and a live doodle video shot from an overhead projector. I put a few of my favorite here for you to see »

More Aaron Brady on flickr »


  1. These are hilarious. I especially like the one in the telephone booth.

  2. Absamalutely brilliant!!

  3. HE'S A LEFTY. @[email protected]

  4. great stuff...i wish i had an overhead projector. jealousy!!

  5. I simply love these, would take the imaginary friend home any time!

  6. I love the top guy sleeping on the sidewalk. I would put that on my studio wall.

  7. I love the monsters on the book pages!

  8. These are so great. I love the style.

  9. this is love!! awesome work!! lefty? really? cool!

  10. oh my gosh... i love this[:

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