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No Whitespace

by OKAT 17

No Whitespace | Doodlers Anonymous

The moleskine pages from Maykel Nunes are consumed with doodles from corner to corner. The ink literally bleeds to the end of each spread and the content completely differs on every page turn.

The presentation of the work is simply wonderful too, as the context of each photo; from coffee beans to playing cards, make for great backdrops. Well done Maykel.


  1. took the extra time to put it in a fresh background nice and what kind of pens do you use?

  2. Love this! If I dare suggest it, reminds me of my own style! I imagine he would just use regular ink pens?

  3. doodles are amazing, but... no more "ronaldo" ouch. that's the last place i would imagine to see that.

  4. Now those are some fun moleskine pages.

  5. i love this sooooooooooo much very very very inspiring!

  6. Brilliant drawings. I confess I envy those who can fill to the edges of their moleskins. Mine tend to float a bit more.

  7. Blown away! I'm usually humbled once every couple of days...looks like I'm all set till Thursday

  8. Hello guys.... thank you for the compliments ... an encouragement to continue drawing ... for those who asked about pens ... I use an ink pen gel and nankin disposable

  9. great style & great placement!!

  10. its great! haha you make me wanna do this while im bored in class now just pack the pages with doodles and its so cool thats you just used regular pen and paper nothing fancy just pure talent. A ture doodler if i do say so myself! haha :D

  11. wow very creative

  12. I love this type of doodling!

  13. i love all of them ! and at first glance you see a pretty impressive picture, and then theres more details for you to focus in on

  14. So enjoyable to view! Inspiring!

  15. WOW!It\'s really great idea and inspiring, now i usually draw those simple lines on my free time

  16. oh em jee. very inspiring. love all of them.

  17. BIG fan fan of moleskin sketchbooks: I like how they lay flat

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