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Artworks on Book Pages

by überkraaft 7

Artworks on Book Pages | Doodlers Anonymous

Whoa! Loads of great entries for the junk doodle comp we ran... thanks for taking part!!

So what next? I'm in a bit of a creative slump trying to find ways of getting my creative head back on track so I've continued on the 'non-precious' doodle route to find a way of freeing my work up again. While browsing Flickr I came across (restless::things) brilliant group of 'Artworks on Book Pages' - I love the way some people respond to textures, typography and page features... doodles on preprinted materials always seems to have an added dimension or weight to them... give it a go yourself, see how it influences your work :)

Above by chicken dinners

Above by Crispy Copper / Jon MacNair

Above by Jason Lupi

Above by restless::things / olivia jeffries

Above by alshepmcr / al shep

Above by inkmutt


  1. Some of these are absolutely beautiful; inkmutt, alshepmcr / al shep, restless::things / olivia jeffries, etc...

  2. Hi, Q: What happens when left and right brain meet on a blind date? A: Your Fresh and Fabulous Illustrations! I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m now newly inspired, as an artist, printmaker and writer, to rescue preprinted materials and turn them into ready-mades. Back soon, Nicole Rigets

  3. Just spent too much time grazing through the Flickr site. Thanks for the post uberkraaft.

  4. I have boxes and boxes of books and have been thinking of clearing some of them out. I think a few of them have just found a higher destiny.

  5. Just received a big box of used children\'s books from ebay- was not sure what to do with them, and I think now I am... Doodle City, here we come... I have done some art in books before, and some cutting into books, but these ones take it to a new and inspiring level...

  6. Those are all fantastic! Great selection. Glad I joined Doodlers Anonymous

  7. Amazing work

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