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Doodled Stickers on Escalator

by OKAT 4

A few days ago I posted a video created with limited things and extra time. Above is another example of a creative animation done with limited ingredients, in this case: doodled stickers and a working escalator. Watch this and you will smile.


Found via Boing Boing.


  1. Great idea!

  2. So so creative, loved it like a fat kid loves coco pops.

  3. Pretty cool! Loved the shapes one.

  4. How does it work when looking at the escalator with the naked eye? Do the stickers animate? I never did a similar thing. I once stayed near a fence that had gaps that attracted the eye as you walked past. I figured that if I stuck drawing on the back it would work as an animation for those who looked when walking past. Never did it - damn!

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