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iPhone = iDoodle

by OKAT 10

iPhone = iDoodle | Doodlers Anonymous

I got an iPhone last week and felt obligated to replace the tacky pre-installed wallpapers with one of my own quick doodles (full size). Leave a comment below if you'd like me to send you the jpg file.

Related: Visit for a ton of amazing backgrounds and then there's always the eight exclusive iPhone wallpapers camiki created for her feature here on DA.


  1. These are VERY cool! i've been wanting to do a wallpaper for my new iPhone, too! Just haven't had time...You've reminded me how much I need to do it!

  2. Hey, hey, I want one. Can you send me the eye phone one pretty please!

  3. @Dawn, looking forward to seeing the results of what you create. @Erin, an email with both wallpapers is on its way :)

  4. This is cool, but I'd probably end up doodling boobies while on the train with this...better stick to pen + paper!!

  5. Hey, these are great. Why not create more and post them for us?

  6. yay!! it\\\'s excellent, i\\\'d love to have it on my iphone ::::) i\\\'m currently using one of mine that i designed for it\\\'ll be a nice change!

  7. Those are awesome! lol

  8. Oooh, I love the In Case of Emergency Break Glass one! Are you offering them to share?

  9. I sure am. And they're already on their merry way to you. Enjoy.

  10. That's really funky. I love them both! Would love the link if poss =)

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