Sun Lee is an illustrator from Seoul whose brightly colored paintings have a mysterious way of instantly lifting your spirits. Primarily working with vibrant gouache paints and colored pencil, her playful illustrations called out to me. Her paintings are so fresh and lively, bursting with undeniably good energy. Her creations contain simple yet highly impactful compositions that feature blue-haired beauties, tropical foliage, wildlife, and quaint scenery that all tie together so perfectly with a lovely island vibe.

cheetah painting, toucan painting, tropical

gouache portrait, blue hair, painting leaves, holbein

vintage painting, old car illustration, pink gouache


botanical portrait, bright painting, leaves

interior painting, illustration, furniture, colored pencil, holbein gouache

overlapping paint, portrait, woman painting

holbein brilliant pink, paint brush, flamingo painting

painting photography, roses, foliage, girls

bright gouache, tropical painting, gouache portrait, holbein paints