There’s something intriguing about finding a wildly-talented artist, falling in love with their work, and then realizing you now have to scour the internet to find out about who this person is and what drives this incredible array of artworks. This is what happened to us when we found Timur Zagirov’s Instagram account, with no bio other than a link to a newsletter subscription, we were left to really do all we could – take in the art. From what we’ve found online, Timur is a Russian artist who has been interested in the arts since he was a child and who first gained recognition for his rendition of Vincent Van Gogh’s Self Portrait. Timur’s style is really quite beautiful, and although we’ve seen many artists take on this sort of “pixelization” of images or photographs, he really makes it his own by incorporating an unsuspecting element – Timur’s artworks are created using wooden blocks!

The texture created by the painted wooden blocks and their placement takes a 2D image and truly reinvents it. Not only is there depth from the blocks being cut at angles and placed strategically, but the difference in the wood finishes you can see through the paint adds something really special to the art as well. Timur’s work has been wildly appreciated by his community and throughout the world, you can’t view any of his images online without there being questions as to how to purchase the artwork or people tagging their friends to take in the awesomeness together. We encourage you to check out Timur’s Instagram here to see even more of his work, and subscribe to his newsletter here to stay even more up-to-date!