This is part of a new and on-going (weekly) series where I’m inviting artists to share some recent sketchbook spreads and answer one question: Why do you doodle? It’s a simple ask, but I believe it can reveal a tremendous amount of insight into a habit so many of us creatives share. Please comment below and share your own thoughts on the topic. Be sure to follow these artists for more inspiration and check back next week for a new one in the series. — OKAT

Why do you doodle?

I’ve loved art and doodling since I was a little kid. Whether it was copying characters from my favorite cartoons and Children’s books, trying to make my own comics, or just drawing on my school work… from a young age I was always a doodler. I grew up with a pretty ruff childhood and art and imagination has always been my escape from the negative things that happen in life. Doodling has always been kind of my protective shell and a way to work out things that are bothering me in life. Almost all of my childhood memories revolve around imagining in some way weather it was doodling or creating my own elaborate Lego sets, when I look back it always comes back to imagination. As I got older it’s something I never really let go of. Over the years as I developed my personal style, more and more it has been heavily influenced by Children’s books and cartoons I was crazy about as a kid. I love the idea of creating a Universe all my own. To push my imagination as far as I can take it. A place to get lost in and constantly build on. A place to escape. I always say the older we get the less we use our imaginations, So let’s never grow up! Doodle forever.

— Kristopher Kocther​ (aka Frenemy)