Why do you doodle?

Why I doodle… The first things that I captured on paper was my imagination which really took a massive feeding from the incredible kit Williams boom Masquerade which i was left by a grandparent when I was very young. I was fascinated with things that weren’t there but felt so real to me… makes me sound like a loony but I used to play in the garden on my own in what would feel like my own little world, frantically acting out stories and multiple characters that at the time felt real. I would walk into the house covered in grass stains, mud and sweating but extremely happy and inspired. This sounds far removed from doodling and the question here but actually it relates very closely. I would then get in and draw these stories, characters in events, that mostly were chaotic pictures and bizarre. From there I got introduced to TMNT, Visionaries, Thundercats, Moomins and Anime and I also remember being obsessed with boardgames such as Key to the Kingdom and Horror House especially for the art work. I would create my own versions of good guys and bad guys that would fit into these universes that I loved.

And I think these reasons and ways are very much the same to this day of why I doodle. I am keeping in touch with my childhood and moving these inspirations forward; basically a massive man child that likes nothing more. Now finding inspiration from travel, anime, tribal work and folklore whilst also keeping with the past inspirations.

— Darren on Doodle Addicts / Instagram / Facebook

This is part of an on-going series where I’m inviting artists to share some recent sketchbook spreads and answer one question: Why do you doodle? It’s a simple ask, but I believe it can reveal a tremendous amount of insight into a habit so many of us creatives share. Be sure to follow these artists for more inspiration and check back next week for a new one in the series. — OKAT