Why do you doodle?

Why do I doodle? Doodling and sketchbook work plays a major role in my illustration practice. I use my sketchbook for experimenting in the open mode. When I’m doing client work, I’m very much in the closed mode, executing my craft. In the sketchbook I try completely new things, make mistakes and practice my craft. Lately I’ve been trying to create finished looking pieces in my sketchbook. It’s tough! I love computers for the ability to undo, and I’m uncomfortable when I know every mark has to count in my finished sketchbook stuff. But in the word of my designer friend Adam Garcia, the pressure is good for you!

— Andy J. Miller



December’s Guest Contributor: Andy J. Miller

This is part of a new and on-going (weekly) series where I’m inviting artists to share some recent sketchbook spreads and answer one question: Why do you doodle? It’s a simple ask, but I believe it can reveal a tremendous amount of insight into a habit so many of us creatives share. Please comment below and share your own thoughts on the topic. Be sure to follow these artists for more inspiration and check back next week for a new one in the series. — OKAT