Lili des Bellons is a French illustrator and cartoonist with tens of thousands of followers on social media. His years of work in illustration and animation have resulted in a prolific body of surreal, sci-fi, retro and anime inspired artwork all leading up to Des Bellons’s short animation, Alma.

Des Bellons’s recently released trailer for the Alma looks like a gorgeous amalgamation of Rick and Morty, Cowboy Bebop and Marvel’s Tales to Astonish. It’s filled with glorious, surreal, sci-fi imagination and bursting color. The release was accompanied by a series of stills from the work in progress which gives the viewer a further peek into the work Bellons has been doing for this project, revealing a world teeming with retro inspired sci fi scenes. My favorite part of the stills is the introduction of a race of aliens with upside down v’s for mouths. They carry swords and fifties inspired ray guns, masters of the weapons of the future and the past. And they’re small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Seeing one of them brandish their sword makes me want to see the little green guys in action! The work as a whole really scratches that retro sci-fi itch while pushing the ideas forward with an infectious undercurrent of fun.

Sci-Fi town

Colorful sci-fi town

Retro sci-fi illustrations

Retro sci-fi raygun

50s style sci fi

Reto-style aliens on a spaceship