Sam Hadley aka Slumberbean successfully completed a beautifully illustrated mural on a wall inside of Taxi Studio. No oversized paintbrushes or spray paint was used in the process, however — just a whole bunch of water-based brush tip markers (20 to be exact). The detail in his work is amazing, and I just wanted to point out how much patience and skill is required to be able to tackle something like this. Sam cruised right on through to the finish line with a finished work of art that measured 18 feet wide and 8 feet tall. I love how at the end of the video when he finishes the mural, he drops the pen in the pile with the rest of the dried up pens to signify the end of his epic freehanded mural. You read correctly, the entire thing was freehanded.  

“I wanted to draw something to capture that moment in the creative process when everything suddenly clicks and makes sense. When your idea, for whatever reason, starts to properly work and takes on a whole momentum of its own. That’s kind of what this picture was trying to show – the triumphant feeling of that moment” – Sam Hadley.


posca, mural, snake, black

cougar, cat, fierce, line art, mural

marker mural, detail, claws

eagle detail, posca markers, big mural

black and white mural, snake, mural detail

finished mural, marker, posca, majestic animals, doodle