This 70 page concertina booklet is the result of Anja Uhren’s one month long artist residency in Sheffield, England last year. In short, she wanted to document her response to the city in the form of a physical artistic interpretation. She describes the project as “A collage of the town, literally built up of layers of scrap paper found on the streets of the city onto which location and figure drawings of some of Sheffield’s best known areas have been added.” I feel like she really knocked it out of the park in terms of portraying the city itself, combining collage, mixed media, and a poetic narrative describing her journey. The depth and movement in her panoramic spreads make me feel like I’m there with her, and I’m obsessed with the fact that she used actual scraps from the street in her compilation. The awesomeness doesn’t end here though: Check out Anja’s instagram for illustration work beyond the booklet.