As someone who suffers from vertigo, I can’t believe I’m posting this, but these images are just too good to pass up. Fabio Giampietro over the last few years has amassed an incredible collection of vertigo-inducing drawings that will leave your stomach twisting in a thousand knots. Each art piece gives you an incredible sense of depth and scale that will trick your eye to think you are going around in circles with legs made out of spaghetti — Alfred Hitchcock would be proud. “To shine lights and contrasts he spreads the matter to give emphasis to the forms, without adding white, he eliminates the pigment from the canvas.” This technique allows Fabio to achieve dull colors that feel surrealisticaly-rustic in an overgrown metropolis.

Fabio’s work has been featured in galleries all over the world including Venice, Milan, Bologna, Padua, Berlin, Paris, Istambul and Shanghai. And we need not wonder why.

Vertigo Artwork

Vertigo Drawings

Metropolis Drawing

Drawing of a Metropolis

Vertigo Inducing Sketch

Drawing from a Skyscrapper