Hello, my name is Julia Da Rocha,
and I'm a doodle addict.

Julia is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Doodler and Storyteller living in the Sunshine State of Florida. One of her favorite quotes is by Pablo Picasso, who once said, “…painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” Like for many others, her work began as a hobby, which on occasions led to creating artwork for friends and family. After a luring competition calling on an artist to create hundred’s of doodle within a time-frame, she found her niche. This exercise gave Julia the confidence she needed to develop her artistry beyond her boundaries. Her dreams also included illustrating, writing and creating children’s books. Her profession as a graphic designer compounded with her new found voice in illustrating added to her resolution of tapping into children’s books. To make her dreams a reality, she partnered up with her twin sister, Judith, who shares the love of illustrating and creating. Their first book titled, I Love the World Because…received an honorable mention at the New York Book Festival in 2009. Julia’s tool of preference is a black sharpie pen. She believes black and white pieces are timeless – much like in fashion, it never outlives our time, and, mixing digital art only adds to its perfection.

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