Min Liu is a Brooklyn based designer/animator who challenged herself to create a new animation everyday for 100 days. The name of this particular series is “Bloody Diary” and you can see the full project on Min’s website (the few GIFs featured here only scratch the surface). Her strong emphasis on negative space and bold color palette play a key role in these strong visual compositions. I’m especially obsessed with the trippy nature of these animations that stem from the artists’ dark sense of humor, making her work all the more intriguing and addicting…I can’t look away!

middle finger illustration, cosmic animation, trippy art

trippy GIF, portrait animation

exercise gif, girl animation, red illustration

flower patter, food animation, floating hands

trippy animation, freaky GIF, skull gif, illustration

cat GIF, cat gun, cat illustration, funny GIF

pattern animation, animal illustration, moving art

smoking gif, smoke illustration

taxi animation, rain gif, patterns

cat illustration, TV gif

pattern GIF, scissor animation, red art