Blad Moran is a freelance artist out of Kiev, Ukraine. Focused on work as a concept artist and character designer, Moran’s work has garnered her tens of thousands of followers on Instagram with her quirky, distinctive style.

Drawing of Little Boy Character named Little Eddy Thunderbottom sitting on an oversized chair accompanied by an Octopus

Moran’s signature is in her faces. The way she illustrates the dynamic ways people can convey emotion through facial expressions. One of my favorite expressions in life is one that Moran’s characters display frequently, angsty displeasure. Many of Blad Moran’s characters are shown in varying states of displeasure with a lot of these on display in her sketchtober posts on Behance. Take entry twenty-one for instance, paired with the caption, “When you sprouted over the summer”, Moran’s humor shines through in this sketch of a dance team with young girls where one of the girls has sprouted up to twice the size of the rest of the team. Amongst the four girls are four totally unique faces of disgust, disappointment, despondence and displeasure. Moran doesn’t waste any part of the piece, contorting lips, eyes, cheeks, everything a person uses to convey emotion and Blad is a master with them. You can see this level of expertise across all of her work running through the entire range of emotions. And no matter what mood you’re looking for, with Blad Moran, it’s almost guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Drawing of a character named Madame Isabella Bananno smoking a cigarette

Drawing of four cheerleaders in tutu's with one being twice the size of the others

Drawing of a Character named Marina Lizardhard with a Martini and Iguana perched on her arm

Drawing of multiple faces showing various expressions