Anouck Ferri is an illustrator, graphic designer and author working out of her home office “at the foot of the Pyrenees.” With an illustrated children’s book and a host of items and prints available, Ferri is open to project proposals of any type as long as they preserve her graphic style. And that is what is special about this artist, her graphic style.

Illustration of Girl with Long Flying Moon Light

Ferri’s style is distinctly minimal and unique to her. One word to describe it is, cute. Her illustrations are undeniably cute, characters where practically every edge is rounded, even the often triangular shapes of their bodies. Everything feels kind of wavy and soft, even the pleats in a mother’s skirt. The heads and faces of her figures are big and round with minimal, dot/line detailing for eyes, nose and mouth with rosy cheeks and pleasantly muted color palettes. The entire aesthetic is soothing. Colors one would not often describe as beautiful or appealing are employed in a manner that comforts. Soft greys permeate the clothes and feel of many of Ferri’s illustrations which center largely on women. In particular, young girls and women as mothers or experiencing love. See? Everything about it is just plain pleasant. There’s a succession of illustrations on her Instagram that just feature two different young girls wearing scarves with their eyes shut. The absolute definition of comfort and serenity, adorable characters reminding us of the coziness of winter. It doesn’t get much better than that on the spectrum of peace and all of Anouck Ferri’s pieces evoke some element of that feeling. Cozy.

Illustration of Envelope Designs With couple and flowers


Illustrations of a Girl Painting on T Shirt


Sketch of dancing little girl


Sketch of Three Girls From Different Region