Aisie is a watercolor portrait artist who started her artistic journey quite recently, ‘only months before the pandemic began in 2019.’ There are a lot of things that make Aisie’s artwork special, and for us, it’s how we feel viewing it more than anything. There’s no doubting the technical skill and vibrant aesthetic that’s been established throughout the body of work she’s created, which is very impressive, but a lot of her work can be viewed on TikTok where it’s accompanied by heartfelt messages and words of wisdom. For the viewer, this creates a deeper connection to the art and an understanding of the artist behind it.

On her website, Aisie states that her artwork aims to express: “feminine expression, celebration of femininity, mental health and identity issues, and other social identity themes.” This understanding of her practice only makes the videos with her voiceovers and commentary that much more valuable to the viewer, especially because without it, the message she wishes to get across could potentially be overshadowed by just how visually enchanting her pieces are. However, she has also commented on her wish as an artist for the viewer to interpret her work and find meaning from their own perspective.

We do recommend just taking in her work for its beauty as well, because it really is incredible to look at. Everything from the line work to the overall illustration and use of color is astounding and really makes us grateful that Aisie found her calling just a few short years ago. You can see Aisie’s body of work through her website, Instagram, and TikTok. Check out a few of our faves below!

Watercolor portrait of a woman with 2 koi fish