Leah Lucci is a very active Doodle Addict with a sketchbook that’s always grabbing my attention due to its vibrant backdrops and white space illustrations. I love the randomness an chaos of her uploads, which are a colorful combination of ink, acrylic, and watercolor. Her characters, people, and animals are fun and quirky and my favorite part of it all are her captions for each of the spreads. Seriously, they’re hilarious and worth reading so I highly recommend that you follow her and check out more of her artwork!

blue, waterbrush, acrylic, ink, animals

dogs, drawing, patterns, sketchbook, mixed media, pink, blue

robots, colorful, acrylic, ink, multicolor

octopus, illustration, holy, yellow, lettering

art journal, aqua, watercolor, pentel, brush

feelings, emotions, illustrated, characters, green, sketch