MaryAnn Loo, known online as PenguinGirl, is an artist and illustrator based in Singapore who has always had a passion for art and drawing. We found her through our sister site, Doodle Addicts, and we were immediately struck by the vibrant and playful nature of her art. Her use of color is simply stunning, with bold, bright hues that draw the eye and evoke a sense of joy and excitement. From adorable penguins to fantastical unicorns, her artwork is filled with delightful beings that seem to come to life on the page! There’s a sense of childlike wonder and imagination that permeates her entire body of work, and it’s impossible not to smile when looking at her creations.

MaryAnn’s style is influenced by a variety of sources, including anime, children’s books, and nature. Whether it’s the intricate patterns and designs that adorn her characters’ clothing or the careful shading and highlights that give her art a sense of depth and dimensionality, it’s clear that she puts a great deal of time and care into each and every one of her pieces. Sometimes it’s a full-page sketchbook doodle full of bunnies or two frogs sharing a swing while happily in love, but regardless of what it is, MaryAnn has created the sweetest world of characters in her art practice that we can’t get enough of!

Check out a few of our favorites of MaryAnn below and for even more of her work, you can find her on Instagram, Doodle Addicts, Facebook, or her website!