Pedro Correa is a freelance illustrator from Florianopolis, Brazil. With a degree in graphic design, Correa has over a decade of experience in the design field. Years later, he has come into his own as an artist, gaining recognition for his skill as a traditional illustrator. His traditional work has even earned him a sponsorship from Moleskine that goes back to 2017. It is clearly a symbiotic relationship that shows just how awesome Moleskine is while allowing Correa to show off his bombast with a brush and pen.

Drawing of a Snake using Brush and ink over Moleskine

The artwork in Correa’s Moleskine series is presented in two forms. First is the final product, fully colored, digitally, in all of its splendor. Beneath that is the original illustration as featured in Correa’s notebook. The best word to describe his work is, surreal. His subjects range from squid tentacles in space to skeleton bones surfing a cosmic wave in space, with lots of interesting stuff in between.

His most recent Moleskine series kicks off with my favorite illustration of the batch. It features an enormous fish, like a largemouth bass type fish, swimming through a cityscape. The original, black and white sketch, gives us the line and ink illustration of the fish soaring between and above massive skyscrapers. After Correa’s digital process, the background whites of the sketchbook became aqua speckled shadow and bubbles, missing from the original sketch, can be seen floating through the flooding city. I love the coloring technique and palette employed in the finished piece. Faded out blues and yellows contrasted with black and washed out reds. It evokes the spirit of the original Watchmen comics in the best possible way. No matter what subjects Pedro Correa applies his imagination and talents to, it to never fails to take the breath away.

Drawing of a Skeleton Using Brush and ink over Moleskine

Drawing of a Crocodile Using Brush and ink over Moleskine

Drawing of a Frog Using Brush and ink over Moleskine

Drawing of Octopus Legs over Planets using Brush and ink over Moleskine