Sometimes we come across artists who remind us how incredible the practice of hand-drawn art can be, and Zom Osborne has done just that. From the intricacies of the fine lines to the subject matter and overall compositions, the energy within the artwork is undeniable and only reinforces the connection between the artist and her tool. Osborne is an artist originally from the Pacific Northwest, who is now creating magical illustrations while living in the rainforest on the east coast of Australia. This may lead you to believe that their artwork mainly involves greenery and nature, but in the most beautiful way, nature has inspired Zom to create delicate, vintage-esque artwork that looks like it belongs in the most beloved storybook you could imagine.

We think one of the hardest things about creating art is finding a style that you resonate with, something that is distinct and that you enjoy creating, which is a huge reason why we’re always so inspired by artists whose style is so defined and unique. Zom’s artwork is something you could easily pick out of a lineup and identify as hers, regardless of what it is she’s illustrating. Her creations range from troll dolls in nature to intricate renditions of homes all the way to rats with top hats, but throughout the body of work, Zom’s style dominates and makes the subject matter hers completely.

We came across Zom on Doodle Addicts, where you can view the progression of her practice over time. There have been shifts in mediums, larger narratives created with recurring characters, and an overall refinement of technical ability. As we’ve been able to view this progress over time, we’re very much looking forward to where Zom’s artwork will take us next. You can follow along with us on Doodle Addicts here, on Instagram here, and check out her full portfolio of work here.