It doesn’t take a genius to see the kind of attention to detail Charlotte Mann puts into her walls. Using her acrylic marker, the British-born artist transposes her life-sized 2D artwork into a 3D space. What you get is a surreal landscape that feels out of this world, yet oddly familiar.

But what we love most is that Charlotte doesn’t take the easy way out and draw something clean like out of a design catalog, her rooms feel lived-in, filled with the clutter of everyday life. You’ll see open drawers with wrinkled shirts, tumbled items, a mid-use sewing machine, overgrown vegetation, open books lying on a shelf and so on.

Charlotte Mann’s work has been featured in countless museums and used in many fashion-related photoshoots and magazines. Which is brilliant, when you consider that Charlotte was a fashion designer early on in her career.

See some of our favorites below.

Charlotte Mann Walls Tsol

Charlotte Mann Hand Drawn Walls Room

Charlotte Mann Muriel Walls

Charlotte Mann Muriel Walls Detail

Charlotte Mann Fontana Wall

Charlotte Mann Holborn

Charlotte Mann Walls Jensen Catwalk