In line with this week’s holiday, I’d like to thank everyone for the support we’ve received in the last few weeks. Before I get into the list of sites that have linked to Doodlers Anonymous, I want to point you in the direction of our flickr group that has grown to 257 members with over 200 awesome doodles. Visit the pool of images and add yours to the group. It’s a long weekend, plenty of time to visit the links below and show some love to the sites that have done the same for DA.

Fecal Face, Coudal, Andrea Joseph, Monster-Munch, Shillington College, The Copywriter Underground, Scene 360 and featured artists Lauren Nassef, lapin, Chris Piascik, Matteo Gualandris and Elbow-Toe.

And finally, a special thanks to our November sponsor, Sketches: the iPhone application that lets you doodle and draw on the go. If you’d like to sponsor the site in December, simply drop us a line.