Extra, Extra, Read all about it: There’s a new drawing challenge upon us and we’re gonna shout it!

It’s no surprise that the nightly news can be a real drag, making us feel like we’re stuck in a cycle of endless bummers. That’s why we’re challenging you to flip the script and report a quirky news story in the form of an illustrated tale. But we’re not looking for any old news story; we want to hear jaw-dropping, quirky headlines that make you bust out laughing, double-take in amazement, or simply fill your heart with joy. Old or new makes no difference – all we ask is that you keep things light (Avoid headlines that are too controversial/political.)

When you upload your submission, we’d love to hear about where you found your story, so leave the reference in the caption. As always, remember to have fun with it and show us why your drawing skills deserve a spot on the front page!

*Challenge ends July 2nd at 03:00 PM EDT. See complete rules and submit work on the official challenge page.