A little over a month ago, April 1st to be exact, we launched the new DA website. The original website, as much as we loved it, was ancient in internet years, glued together with Band-Aids and bubblegum.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the new site is responsive. Whether you are on a mobile device, leaning back on your couch consuming it on a TV, or browsing at work on a Desktop, the website will adapt for the best viewing experience. We’ve also made improvements to load speeds, with caching the site closer to where you might live and work, through the use of a Content Delivery Network. We’ve also made posts easier to find by re-categorizing and re-tagging most of the content, re-tooled the profile page to make it more user-friendly, and we more tightly integrated email communication system for those members that choose to receive our daily dose of inspiration in their mailbox.

Our newly-released website has a lot of awesome technology under the hood that is laying the groundwork for all of the things we have in-store for the Doodlers Anonymous community as a whole – the things that are coming, that we can’t reveal just yet. Things that will bring the community closer together and make your doodles, sketches, drawings, and art, the hero. Things that will prompt you to draw more. Communicate more. And overall, bring more art into your every day.

We are champing at the bit to announce it all and plan to have further news coming soon. Be sure to follow us through our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter for all the juicy details.

I wanted to close this off by saying, thanks to everyone in our community for your support thus far! We couldn’t do this without you.